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Winter 2015 Newsletter

Winter 2015 Artist in Residence at the Royal Northern College of Music What does an artist; a painter and printmaker, do in residence at a music college?A good question. I’m hoping that this newsletter will give you some idea.THROUGH THE PAINTER MUST YOU HEAR HER SKILL A deliberate misquote from Shakespeare’s 24th sonnetI have been […]

Vincent in East Sussex Landscape

Sprimmer 2014 Newsletter

Sprimmer 2014 Andrew’s Sprimmer Newsletter 2014   I have just returned from a long visit to Australia. I realise that I missed sending you a spring newsletter. In fact I even missed writing one. So, since it’s almost Summer I thought I might as well combine the two seasons and call this my Sprimmer Newsletter. […]

Guardian at Pevensey Castle | Oil on Linen | 30" x 39" (76 x 99 cm)

Winter 2014 Newsletter

Winter 2014 WHY DO I DO IT?  A fellow artist, and good friend, asked me why I include images of iconic art in my new paintings. Was it merely to surprise or shock? Another friend asked, “Why choose East Sussex, East Sussex isn’t dramatic, is it?I thought I would share my answers with you. Guardian […]

I Know a Great Place for a Picnic on The Downs | Oil on Linen | 122 x 99 cm

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Spring 2013 Has Spring Sprung?  My website can now be accessed on any system: iPhone, iPad etc. Please visit the site and have a look at the biography page. There you can watch me making a Depeche painting during the workshop Barry Fantoni and I did at the Hand in Hand pub on Wimbledon […]

Andrew Aarons Newsletter

Winter 2012/13 Newsletter

  Winter 2012/2013 MOVING WITH THE TIMES (well, almost) Exciting things are afoot! I have completely redesigned my website. Also, it can now be accessed on any system: iPhone, iPad etc. Please visit the site. If you read further in this newsletter you will see that I’m offering something very special for early visitors. See […]

Andrew Aarons Newsletter

Fall 2012 Newsletter

What’s the hurry? Would you make an hour 45 minutes long instead of 60? Think of how much more you could do. The Depechist answer is not to adjust the clock but to work faster. Barry Fantoni, a friend from my Camberwell days, has created the DEPECHE MOVEMENT and written the manifest too. After all, […]

Andrew Aarons Newsletter

Winter 2011/12 Newsletter

   Winter 2012 TRADE SECRETS: What lies beneath? What lies beneath the making of my first commissioned group portrait? This is the finished painting. What you’ll see as you continue to look through the newsletter is how this stage was reached. Working on this has helped me understand the problems inherent in painting a group […]

Andrew Aarons Newsletter

Spring 2011 Newsletter

The Curious Case of the Six Dead Horses Some years ago Andrew accepted an unusual commission. He was approached by an art dealer to paint five fillies that had won the major classics. These races are open to 3-year-old colts (males) and fillies. He was also asked to make one more painting of a filly that […]